About Scottsboro City School District

Scottsboro City School District is made up of the following schools:

Brownwood Elementary

Caldwell Elementary

Nelson Elementary

Collins Intermediate

Scottsboro Jr. High

Scottsboro High

The enrollment of the six schools is approximately 2700 students and has maintained at this level for the last 5 years.

All certified personnel employed by the Scottsboro City Board of Education must meet state certification standards as well as highly qualified status. Over 62% of the professional personnel hold a Master's degree or higher.

Specialized Programs:

Scottsboro offers many specialized programs for a range of student needs. These programs include:

Gifted - Gifted services strive to meet the individual needs of highly capable students through a continuum of services (K-12) that include advanced academic and enrichment opportunities.

Video Teleconferencing - This program is available at all schools. Dual enrollment at SHS is offered through video teleconferencing.

Educational Partnerships:

The following institutions partner with Scottsboro City Schools to provide a strong base for all our students.

IMPACT Learning Center, Scottsboro Educational Foundation, J.F.Drake Technical College, Northeast Alabama Community College, UAH, Aalabama A&M, Jackson County Schools, City of Scottsboro, and Earnest Pruett Center of Technology